one last post and i should be off your dashes lol

since i probably wont be active on this blog, and if for some reason you just love my sense of humor and personality, you can follow me on my main blog. 

have a wonderful night, and thank you!!

Q:there's going to be a season 5, as confirmed by hima c:


awesome! i hope i have time to watch it!


Wow! I can’t believe i still have followers on this blog!

hell, ive gained some!

I have some things to announce:

  1. I have stopped posting on this blog for a few reasons: I no longer post people’s artwork w/o proper sourcing, and i just dont have time to run this side blog. HOWEVER, if i get free time, i MAY post some pics (w/ credits )
  2. I haven’t been in the loop of Hetalia for a looong time! Can you guys tell me whats been up? Is Himaruya active? Is there going to be another anime season? Thanks to you all if u can update me! Please?